Special Care for Eyes from SPA

When we first look at our face, our eyes draw attention the most. We all want to have sparkling eyes at all hours of the day. Bright and bright eyes show themselves best with a healthy eye area. Regular eye care is very important for effective and youthful looks at all ages.

Our skin structure is not the same in all parts of our skin. The eye area is the thinnest and most sensitive area of ​​our skin. In addition to regular skin care, cleaning and sleep, you can have a healthy eye area and brightly shining eyes with intensive eye care applied in SPAs.

Fine lines and wrinkles may occur as a result of moisture loss around the eyes due to aging and dry environments. Moisturizer is very important for eye area care. However, since the eye area is extremely sensitive to external factors, no unreliable cream should be used in this area.

For a healthy eye area, cleaning is as important as moisturizers. We should never sleep with make-up at night, and we should take care to clean the eye area with circular movements from the inside out. Regular sleep is another important factor for eye health.

When you do not get enough sleep, bags around the eyes, dark circles and bruises may occur. This negative image around the eyes causes the person to look neglected and old. A balanced diet also ensures that the eye area is healthy and looks beautiful. For this reason, we do not take care to consume enough fruits and vegetables in our daily diet.

It is of great importance to have regular care around the eyes to avoid problems such as wrinkles, bruises, dark circles, under-eye bags and oil glands around the eyes.

A Special Care that Illuminates the Eye Contour from Sanitas SPA

At Sanitas SPA, a special 40-minute care is applied around the eyes. This care is a herbal stem cell program designed to improve the delicate eye area. Eye contour care helps to nourish the skin, reduces wrinkles, restores the diminished radiant appearance around the eyes and contributes to the treatment of under-eye bags and dark circles.

During the care around the eyes, massage is applied to the lymph channels on the face with light circular movements. This massage accelerates blood circulation and activates lymph channels. It cleanses the eye area from toxins under the skin, helps to get rid of edema, relieves fatigue. It also stimulates blood circulation by contributing to the increase in natural collagen production in the skin.

After the eye area care of Sanitas SPA, your eyes and eye area become brighter and radiant as they are rested and nourished.
“Feel the Difference of Touch…” with Sanitas SPA

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